09 May 2008

De-cluttering and consumerism

While I'm off work I've been slowly decluttering, nothing big, just picking a table here, a drawer there. How in the world has 2 people managed to accumulate some much stuff? This is just a tiny fraction of our house that I've been working on--can't do any heavy lifting and have to avoid using my right hand as much as possible.

Guys might not want to read any further--girly stuff coming up.

Well, yesterday afternoon I decided to go through some of my clothing that is folded in the dresser I share with James. Ummm, I have a full garbage sack of bras that no longer fit, a grand total of 51 bras. Now, I have lost approx. 30 lbs over the last year and a half and it seems like the first place I lose it is in my boobs, but 51 bras? And we're not talking Wal-mart bras here, the vast majority were Victoria's Secret, not cheap (well not inexpensive). Even with vastly underestimating the price at an average of $10 per bra, that's $510. That's just the ones that were too good to throw away. There was a smaller bag that went into the trash. I feel weird about taking them to Goodwill but not quite sure what else to do with them. Any suggestions?

Oh, mini rant here. How can a person lose that much weight, go from a 36C to a 32A and still have a chubby face? That is in my list of things that are just not right.

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