22 May 2008

Burning the figure 8 brace

Woo-hoo no more torturous figure 8 brace!!!!!!! Went in for my 3 week check today, x-rays show the bone is starting to grow back together. First doctor I spoke to was snarky about me having a bicycle accident and I was soooooo tempted to tell her that it was a shame that a truck driver was in better physical condition than she was (she was at least 60 lbs overweight and not that much older than me). Dr. Sherwood finished up the checkup and he agreed that it was time to retire the brace and that I could start elbow and shoulder range of motion exercises. He also said it was fine to walk as long as I wore a sling to keep my shoulder from moving excessively and that I could use the trainer. Shhh, I didn't tell him that I'd already been walking and spinning. No running for at least 3 more weeks though.

James is running an extra trip as a favor this weekend so I think I'm going to ride with him to Laredo. It's going to be strange being a passenger, I'll have to try to not be a backseat driver.


Terry said...

I am the absolute worst passenger.. I am not allowed to ride in most family vehicles unless I am driving because I cannot keep my expert driving skills to myself....ha ha ha

John said...

"Snarky"! Good word usage! I haven't heard that one in a long time. Thanks.

Susan said...

YAY NO BRACE!!!! Burn baby burn!