26 May 2008

Range of motion

Day 4 of the range of motion exercises, some are easy-peasy, others make me lightheaded. The first set of the day is usually tough because I haven't moved around enough to loosen my muscles up (most are supposed to be done 3 times a day). It's getting easier every day though, yay!

Yesterday's workouts--25 minute spin and a 2.9 mile walk. This morning was a 1.88 mile walk.

I managed not to be a back seat (second seat, sleeper?) driver too much but that was due to the fact that I ended up sleeping most of the time while I was out with James. The seat belt on the passenger seat kept rubbing across the knot on my collarbone and irritating me. Yes, I know you can adjust the seatbelt so that it's loose but for some oddball reason wearing it like that makes me nervous.

Weekend dispatch has screwed James over on reloading at Columbia Tues. Some dumbass up there decided that another driver needed the load that he (James) was going to drop at the Nashville yard tonight and had a very hard time comprehending the fact that there was a dedicated customer that was going to be left hanging. Oh well, it's that dispatcher's butt that is going to be chewed on, not James. It's just extremely irritating that the guy couldn't understand that you should take care of your dedicated accounts. James tried to explain it to him but he wasn't going to take no for an answer. I will be surprised if that dispatcher has a job here by the end of the week. At least James is going to be delivering in the northern Alabama area tomorrow morning so he should get to reload at Pulaski tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday.

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Terry said...

I usually run New England everyweek (dedicated) but I too, will be in North Alabama tomorrow morning... :) When do you get released back to work?