06 May 2008


It's only been 3.5 days since my mishap but I'm already going stir-crazy. Did get a new figure 8 brace this morning which allows me more use of my right hand--no more trying to type with one hand. Spoke to my next door neighbor this morning who is a little senile and she told me if I was bored I could come clean her house and do yard work. Umm, if I could do more than a few minutes of light housework at a time I wouldn't be bored. My house is in desperate need of a good spring cleaning itself.

James did stop by this evening to help me put the brace on and make sure everything was okay. The only problem with this brace is that I can't get it on and off by myself so no showers for the next 3 days, just baths. Should have had James get me some bubble bath before he left out again.