13 June 2008

Back to work I go, hi-ho, hi-ho

Passed my drug screen--duh, like I was going to fail it, until today I hadn't even taken any otc painkiller since May 18th (killer cramps this afternoon, yuck). I did get asked/told the very old joke about how long did I study for the drug test. Is it a requisite for truck drivers to tell and re-tell the same tired jokes? Or is it just my hubby's friends?

Won't be getting a new truck, was told that there's currently a freeze on passing out the new ones. I better be put on the list for one though, otherwise I'm going to be one cranky Gab!! A driver in Austin, TX has quit so next week I'll be going down there to pick it up. That will work out ok because I'll be able to ride with James to get it. Told them I wasn't riding with some male driver that I didn't know, they hire way too many weirdos..... That's my get out of jail free card when it comes to hauling anybody else around, just tell them I don't feel safe as a solo woman driver having a strange guy in the truck. Works like a charm every time. We will be expected to run as a team to Austin though. It's a good thing it's only about 850 miles from the TN pickup 'cause I don't think I can handle the truck moving 24/7 anymore. Shoot, what little we did run team we always tried our best to get runs where we could shut the truck down for 3-4 hrs a night.

Anyway, to dig out yet another cliche, expecting the worst, hoping for the best on the condition of the truck. It's a ProStar so it won't be that old of a truck, just depends on how the driver(s) took care of it.

Took my road bike off the trainer and changed the pedals back to the ones with the toe clips. Still having trouble getting clipped in with the clipless pedals on the trainer so don't want to attempt it on the road yet. I want my clavicle to heal up some more before I do any stop and flops.

Today's workout was a 46 minute/3.19 mile walk with a few minutes of running here and there. Yesterday was a 21 minute spinning session and a very slow 30 minute walk with Elsie in the evening.

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