13 June 2008


Did you feel it, that momentary shift in reality this morning at around 0815 central time?

I. Cooked. Breakfast...........

That never happens, I don't count the steel cut oats as actual cooking. I like breakfast as a meal as long as I'm not the one standing over the stove. Don't know what got into me, just woke up and wanted bacon, eggs, and biscuits without having to get cleaned up and pay somebody for it. Of course the biscuits were from a can, come on people let's not get carried away. Moi, making biscuits from scratch, not going to happen!! I guess having to learn to make my own coffee the past 6 weeks has affected me in other ways. It was enough of a surprise that it freaked James out and I even did the dishes afterwards (usually whoever cooks doesn't have to clean). He is sweeping and mopping though so it evens out this morning :-) I think he's going to make corned beef brisket with cabbage for tonight, yum.

Tomorrow is the Tour de Rock. Gary's doing the 62 mile ride so I will only get to ride with him for maybe 15 miles before the 30 mile route makes a left turn. Today's workout (besides the range of motion exercises) was a 41+ minute run/walk with Elsie. Don't know the exact time or mileage because my forerunner's battery conked out at me sometime after the 41 minute point. Our first run section was almost 9 minutes before Elsie got tired which is pretty good 'cause she let me sleep till 6 a.m. this morning so we didn't get out the door for the walk until about 6:45. It was already warm and humid that early.

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