15 June 2008


I think that I may have overdone it this weekend!! 30+ mile bicycle ride yesterday morning, 2 hours of disc golf last night, 31 minute (2.22 mile) run/walk with Elsie this morning followed by a 20 minute 2.09 mile solo run, AND another 1.5 hr disc golf session. I am ready to go back to bed but am needing to pack for my trip with James to pick up the abandoned truck in Austin, TX Tuesday. Oh yeah, did I mention that we bicycled to the disc golf park this morning, that was 9 miles round trip. It's time to go back to work just to rest up from this weekend.

My disc golf game sucked this morning, I was a leetle cranky from Elsie waking me up so early. It's bad when you think 6 a.m. is sleeping in, lol! It was already hot and my fingers were swelling up like sausages so when James discovered he'd left his driver a couple of holes back I volunteered to go get it and quit at the 16th hole. Bill was telling James that it's easy to have that much energy when you're in your early 30's when they saw me jogging back with the disc, what's funny about that is I'm 39! It's nice to get a compliment like that every now and then. What's even funnier is that Bill is the oldest of us playing and he has been winning every game.


Terry said...

Dang Girl, I am exhausted just reading about your physical activities....I need inspiration!! Oh, BTW.... Nice sleeves! How long did it take to get them both completed? I have a mountain lion on my ankle, but it looks like a house cat... sigh...

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks! The sleeves took around 22 hours total over a period of 3 years but I can only tolerate 4 hours max at a time--I prefer 2 hr sessions. I swell up, bruise, and bleed too much if it goes beyond 4 hrs, don't know how people can sit for longer than that.

As far as the physical activities, umm, I have no life, lol! Actually I've met a lot of great people running and cycling, some of whom are becoming really good friends. It is easier to get out and move if you have somebody that's expecting you to show up.