01 June 2008

Lucked out

Blech, my husband has a case of food poisoning. We stopped at Sonic last night to grab a couple of burgers and he started getting sick about an hour afterwards. I'm not sure how I lucked out and managed not to be puking along with him but I'm really glad that it's not both of us. He's an ok sick person, I'm not. I get very cranky and snap at everybody within a 20 ft radius and I'm a big baby, not a good combination. I'm all right when it comes to injuries as long as nobody tries to talk to me right afterwards but I'm not okay with illnesses involving puking or worse.

Prior to the Sonic incident we had a great day. Went on the Sat. morning Bike City 12 mile fun ride on one of these trikes. It was a great way for me to get out on the road right now and it was fun but I definitely prefer a traditional bike. The steering controls are very touchy, if I held the grips too tightly the trike would be very squirrely and move side to side in a very unnerving way (to all the truckdrivers out there, it feels like when you have a trailer break loose under you on slick roads). It would also do that when you tried to go fast and were really mashing on the pedals, especially if you were pedaling with more pressure on one leg. With that you would have to develop a smoother pedal stroke very quickly or possibly wind up flipped over. I do have a standing invitation to ride the trike whenever I want so will probably take it out a couple more times since I've got the basics down on operating it.

Paula joined us again yesterday on the ride, she rides a single gear comfort bike and still manages to finish the 12 miles in just over an hour. When she gets on a multi-speed bike she's going to kick some major ass.

We made plans to join Jason and Bill Sat. evening to play disc golf. That is so much fun but at the same time very frustrating. This was our first time ever playing but James picked up pretty quickly on how to hold the discs different ways. I was having to toss the discs lefthanded and did decent with a traditional frisbee style throw, just wasn't getting as much distance as the guys but Jason's sister was there too and we were evenly matched (either that or she felt sorry for me and was holding back). Just wait till I can use my right hand guys! There was one guy by himself that played through and it was amazing watching him. James got him to give us some pointers on holding the discs. One major problem, we couldn't find hole 4!!!!! Oh well, guess we should be happy that Searcy has put up a course at all.

Range of motion is improving on my shoulder, can lift my arm much quicker than last week. Putting on a jog bra is still a challenge and right now if I'm cycling or doing anything active I'm wearing the looser ones. Haven't started running yet because there is still some discomfort if I do anything high-impact. It's driving me crazy but would rather be healed up properly and not deal with this any longer than I have to.

Petra has backed out on the HHH 100, says with work she's hasn't been able to train very much. I think she's only riding on the road on the Sat. morning ride and getting very little trainer time in. Don't know if I'll still try for it yet. If I don't do it I want to run the Tupelo 14.2 miler on Aug. 31st and ride the BDB 100 Sept. 27th. I think Gary will be ridin the BDB 100 so if I don't slow him down I'll have somebody to ride with.

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Terry said...

That trike looks so much fun!!

I too, can take the pain of physical injury, like when I tried to cut my thumb off last year, Just Back Off People!! But I rarely get sick.Hope the hubs is better!!