23 June 2008


Waiting at Columbia to reload, I was hoping to just unload here and reload back at Pulaski but it wasn't to be. My appointment was at 1000 but the truck bringing in bearings to build the parts is late and they're telling me it might be as late as midnight before I get loaded. No good place here to walk Elsie so sent her out with James--he was reloaded by 1115.

Got in a good run this morning--3.43 miles in 31:46. Nice, cool morning. I'm not familiar with the back roads in this area so ran alongside Hwy 412 east of I65. Still had some nice scenery, got to watch a very fat rabbit grazing in somebody's garden. Shoulder of the road did have some tilt in a few places and there was small rolling hills but it was all manageable, just a little muscle soreness leftover from Saturday's ride.

Got an email from Gary afterwards telling me I did quite well considering how little riding I've gotten in this summer. Made my day! He's a strong rider and was just absolutely blowing me away on the uphills.

Sunday morning we went out for a quick disc golf game with Jason and Bill. James won this round, made par on most of the holes. He did lose my driver in the creek--we went back and fished it out with a kayak paddle afterwards. If we hadn't gotten it out that would've been his 4th disc lost. Oh, and the creek we fished it out of had fish, frogs, and one very large snake inhabiting it. I was ok with the fish and frogs but very much NOT ok with the snake, esp. since we couldn't tell if it was a cottonmouth or one of the water snakes that resembles a cottonmouth. We did get to watch it catch and eat a fish while we were discussing the best way to retrieve the disc.

Heard an interesting conversation after showering at the Love's this morning. Two fuel desk cashiers and the maintenance guy were all trying to "out-country" each other. Literally they were saying to each other "yeah, but I'm more country because I did.....or do...."

Anyway, time to try to get a nap. Thought about taking today as a rest day but glad I got out and ran. Looks like I might not get a chance to tomorrow.

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