27 June 2008

Birthday Girl

My niece Abigail turned 4 years old yesterday!!
We're making the trek to Russellville tomorrow for her birthday party.
It's looking like we're going to have next week off, normally our plants shut down the last 2 weeks of July rather than the first 2 like all the rest of the G.M. factories but they changed it up this year. Wasn't expecting this because nobody let us know ahead of time, yikes. We may load up the kayaks and camping gear and check out Piney Bay for a couple of days.
Workouts for the week--nothing Tues and Wed. Got in after dark last night so only a 1.67 mile run in 15:27, went out too fast with no warm-up and I hate running in the dark so that's why it's a short run. This morning was a 1.92 mile walk with Elsie in 32:59 followed by a 2.07 mile run in 19:56. Tummy issues this morning so had to cut the run short. Tomorrow will be my only chance for a race if I want to get one in for June (goal for this year was to run at least one race a month) and there's a 5k at Morrilton so trying to decide if I want to run it. Definitely won't be a p.r., it may even be slowest 5k so far, lol. Also had to pass on a 70 mile ride with Gary on Saturday.

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Marc said...

boy she looks like you