10 June 2008

Cleared for work

Doctor cleared me to go back to work today--actually I went in and insisted they clear me. The x-rays did look better than the last set so there's not any sense in me sitting at home anymore, especially since I can't get any significant training in. Still have to take it easy when it comes to running/biking/etc. (a 30 mile ride Sat. is taking it easy, right?). I'm just frustrated and want to be back to normal NOW. I know it's not going to happen but it's still aggravating. I am glad I went in today instead of Wednesday as I originally planned, med. dept at work still needs to go over the paperwork and that will be an all day process but hopefully will get the ok to return and be able to pick up a truck Friday and be back on my run Monday. Wishful thinking though, it will probably be the following week before I can everything done.

I bought some deep purple bath rugs to replace the green ones that Elsie decided to chew on. They were even made in the U.S., I'm trying to avoid things made in China since so much of it has turned out to be toxic. Sure has put a slowdown on my clothing purchases. Oh well something needed to since I evidently have very little self-control. I have taken 5 bags of clothing to Goodwill the past 2 weeks and had 3 laundry baskets of items to Ebay, yikes! Oh, and I wish people would stop giving knick-knacks as gifts, just because I ride a harley doesn't mean I want every motorcycle trinket ever made. I know it's the thought that counts but we're drowning in stuff like that. I have tried to make an effort myself to stop giving those kinds of gifts, opting insead for things that can be used up, gift cards, or something specific if it has been requested or hinted at.

Man, I've been coming off like a scroogy old woman the past couple of days, see what happens when I don't get to run very much. Makes me wonder how James put up with me before I had that as a stress reliever.

Oh well, while I'm ranting and raving and being all around bitchy might as well add some more stuff I'm cranky about. Why does everybody act like you're a leper when you bring a container of change into the bank? James and I always throw our loose change into an old stone crock pitcher at the end of the week and then take it to the bank every 3-4 months. It's an easy way to save up for something in the $300-400 range and it saves our tax money because it's keeping/bringing coins back into circulation instead of having to mint new ones. I know it sounds odd but I've been to several people's homes and they will have these huge containers full of pennies that they've been accumulating for YEARS, not my measly 3-4 months. So see snotty bank teller, I'm actually helping our economy. Yeah, I know, please don't point out the illogical part of my argument about coin circulation, I realize that actually using the coins during the week would make more sense in that regard but there's still the painless saving aspect for little indulgences here and there.

Whew, I feel better!!


Annette said...

I'm not sure if you are planning on riding with anyone on Saturday but if not feel free to join us slow pokes at the back of the pack!! I'm sure we will be easy to spot with our red and white shirts etc.
Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog :)

Susan said...

Congrats on getting cleared!

I enjoyed your "rant." Gripe away!

Susan said...

P.S Annette is very cool and great to run with! :)

Terry said...

Ha! I started saving my $1's and was amazed at how quickly I could save up some splurging money.. Try taking one dollar bills to the bank... "No, I do not work the pole at the local strip club, just give me my cash NOW!!"