22 December 2008


James and I volunteered to cover any TN G.M. loads that needed to be covered this week in an attempt to postpone using any of our vacation time until next month (when General Motors will really slow down) and as a result we have gotten laid over for the day in Lebanon, TN--yuck...... Oh well, at least there's an outlet mall across from the Pilot, we'll go waste some time there this afternoon. Our dispatcher called about 1045 to let us know that he'd been misinformed, that there would be no Ceva loads coming out today--which is actually normal, James pulls the Mt. Juliet loads quite a bit and knows that they don't usually ship on Mondays. He questioned our dispatcher about it Friday when he said for us to be here first thing Monday morning but was told because of the Christmas holiday they were changing the schedule-HA! Right now James is asleep in his truck and I'm updating my blog (obviously, lol!). Our original plan was to get these down to Laredo ASAP because we could turn around and be back on Christmas Eve but now we'll just wait until the weekend to take them down--delivery appt is for the 29th.

Yesterday's run was FRIGID!!!!!!! But I survived ;-), even got in 1 more mile than planned. Was shooting for 9 and did 10, woo-h00. Sore today though, that's the longest run I've done since mid-October. Endurance is definitely improving, my long runs no longer result in me having to take a nap afterwards. I didn't think I was ever going to warm up afterwards though, my butt was bright red from the cold, didn't have enough layers on the bottom half.

I did the week 4 test before my run yesterday morning and could only get out 25 consecutive pushups in good form, yuck. So repeating weeks 3 and 4 on level 2 starting tomorrow--was doing level 1. Kind of knew beforehand that I was going to do as well as I should but it had already been almost 3 days since I'd completed week 4 and you're supposed to do the tests within 2 days of completion.

Normally I have absolutely no issues with going to sleep but Thursday night was an exception. Guess the stress of having done very little gift shopping got to me but I tossed and turned, tried to read, gave up and watched tv, tried to read some more and couldn't get to sleep until 4 am. Had to get up at 7:30 am, ugh.....End result was a VERY cranky Gabby that had almost as big of a temper tantrum in Toys-R-Us as the kids surrounding me Friday afternoon. It wasn't a pretty sight. We got in there and I'd gone completely blank on what Shelley had told me that Andy and Abigail wanted, so I was just wondering around in a daze trying to find the right toys. No more of this procrastinating, next year it's back to online shopping.

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