05 December 2008

Running behind

I didn't get loaded out of Pulaski until just after 5 p.m.--should have been out of there no later than 1500 but evidently the loads coming out got all screwed up. The good news is that we have our other loads back that Rich Logistics had for a month. The bad news is that I'm now going to be doing a logistics load a.k.a. a "milk run" with an extra pickup in Clarksdale, MS and less time to deliver it in. Blech......... It will mean a few more miles plus $20 for the extra pickup (yeah, not quite enough to make up for the hassle) but it's going to be a huge headache with how late our loads are getting out of TN. No more dawdling around home on Sundays until the very last minute, I'm going to have to get to Pulaski early enough to get a decent night's sleep. No more sleeping in on Mondays if I'm going to try to maintain a decent running schedule because Tuesday runs will no longer be possible. Guess I should be flattered that our dispatcher told James that he was moving us to the milk runs 'cause we're dependable but damn I'm not liking the idea of having to push harder. Yes, I usually deliver in Laredo 8-10 hours ahead of my scheduled time but it's nice having the built in cushion in case something goes awry (like Monday!). Now I'll have to be in Laredo by 2300 on Tuesdays, no ifs, ands, or buts (or blown tires, screwed up load times, or inclement weather).

I have a few interesting things that happened this week but since getting the news about the load and coming home to an almost dead heat pump, not quite in the mood to post about it. Hope getting the heat/air system repaired doesn't cost too much this weekend.

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