31 December 2008


I am very, very, very pissed off this morning! I try to recycle as much as I can, especially plastics, even to the point where I rinse out and bring home all the bottles and cans that I've used while I'm out on the road. Which is no big deal because I'm only out for 4 days max, but still I'm making an effort to reduce and recycle whenever I can. Well, this morning after checking the Searcy sanitation schedule and getting the trash and recycle bins out in the nick of time--literally moments before the regular trash crew got there, I had the very unpleasant surprise of watching the guys taking the stuff out of the recycle bins and putting it in with the regular trash. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I've already sent off a quick email to the city complaining and later today when I'm calm enough to think a little clearer I'm going to send a letter to the mayor and local paper. If there wasn't going to be a recycle pickup 1) it shouldn't have been listed on the website and 2)just leave it, I would have brought the boxes back up from the curb and drove them to the recycling center myself. Grrrrr.

Ok, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, going to my happy place. Nope, still p.o.ed.

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