01 January 2009

Where did the year go?

Wow, can't believe it's a new year already. It seems like 2008 flew by!!!!!! Anyway, Brenda asked for everybody to post their yearly recaps so here goes.

Running--928.1 miles
Cycling--1116.2 miles

Races and Tours
11 5ks (p.r. 23:56)
2 4 milers (p.r. 34:27)
2 10ks (p.r. 52:53)
1 15k (1:24:05)
1 1/2 marathon (2:16:01)
1 duathlon (1:20:41)

1 century (BDB 100)
2-30 milers (Tour de Rock and Tour de Pumpkin)

I also had 1 broken clavicle, my first ever broken bone :-( due to a bicycle wreck and 1 broken tooth from trying to rollerskate at my nephew's birthday party. If it hadn't been for the broken collarbone this would have been my first full year of running (was out May 4th thru the middle of June). Didn't quite meet one of my goals for 2008 of trying to run at least 1 race a month--missed June and December. June was because of the clavicle, December I just couldn't get motivated to get out and drive to any of the races nearby.

What else? I'm learning to mountain bike (lots of new bruises and cuts!) and learned to play disc golf. Our Sunday disc golf games have been postponed until warmer weather but it is so much fun!

The best part of 2008 though has been meeting new friends!!!! Annette, Arland, Susan, and Terry are just a few I met through the blogosphere. The Cabot Cruiser group is fast becoming a second family (Annette, Arland, Bailey and Brenda esp. but everybody is great!).


Brenda's NEEDS to RUN said...

Gabby, GREAT stats - you and I are close on a lot of the PR's except half marathon which I KNOW you are faster because we have ran our easy long runs of that distance faster!! My 5K pr is 24:07 so you have me beat on that one!! Don't see myself doing many 5K's this year as I will be focused on 10K and up races. Enjoyed our run today - hope you make many more in 2009.

gabsatrucker said...

Brenda, yeah, I was a little disappointed with the 1/2 mary time but considering the circumstances it was ok. James had full-on flu symptoms that morning and it started hitting me just after mile 6 so I'm actually lucky I finished that well, LOL!

Arland said...

Great stats Gabby! Look forward to running and biking with you and James in 2009.