31 January 2009

One Hour Track Run and workout recap

Last Sunday was the One Hour Track Run, the first Grand Prix race of the year. This will be my first full year participating in the Grand Prix and it's also the first time I've done the track run. Wasn't sure what to expect but ending up having fun. Met up with Carol E. and her daughter before it started and Carol told me that I would end up hating the clock before it was over with and she was right, my low point was about 34 minutes in. Carol is amazing, she had run a 1/2 marathon the day before and I don't think I've ever seen her in a bad mood. I was hoping for a decent finish and ended up placing 10th in the women's division. I hope there won't be any pictures floating around, I was making quite a fashion statement (NOT). It ended up being colder than I expected so had to make an emergency stop at the Conway Target for some tights. Well, the only color they had in my size were black with a gigantic hot pink stripe on the legs. Cute, but they didn't go with the Cabot red, white, and black colors I'd packed. So I kind of looked like a crazy, color-blind runner that afternoon--pink and black tights, red and black shorts, red jacket, and pink headband and gloves. It wasn't a very pretty sight, LOL!

Did have to shed the gloves, headband, and jacket about 1/2 way through and that caused Mike and James to lose me for part of a lap (Mike was counting my laps, James was counting for DeeDee, Carol's daughter). Oh, DeeDee was kind of worried, the pressbox had been opened up for the counters that wanted to get out of the wind and James disappeared on us. I think she said the counters she had in the past always messed up so when she lost sight of J, she started keeping count in her head. My final total was 28 laps, 115 feet and Mike said that all of my laps except the last was within a few seconds of each other so pretty consistent.

James and I did 4 miles on the Russellville Old Post Road Park mountain bike trails before the track run Sunday. It's a much better maintained course than Searcy so was able to actually get up some speed. James took one curve too fast and caught a tree with his right handlebar and shoulder, he's ok, unlike me he knows how to crash properly (yes there's a right way to do it, ha-ha). I caught a very large rock on one curve that I cut too close. Ended up catching my right pedal and that caused the left to come up real hard just below my left knee. It was swollen and I have a nasty bruise still but it wasn't anything life-threatening. Made me decide that I need the guards that cover my entire leg.

Mon-Wed.-no running, Monday is a rest day, Tues. I missed because of the ice, Wed. my load turned hot so couldn't stop at Buda as planned. Did do the 4-5 week pushup test (34) but think it was skewed because of my arms being tired from no power steering.

Thurs.-ran 4.38 miles at Laredo with James + 10 minute walk. Great run and I found 4 -10 mycokereward points from empty 12 packs.

Friday--4.61 miles at Salado. Not much fun, it was cold, hilly, and next to the interstate. W5, D1, L2 (17/19/15/15/20) of the hundred pushup challenge plus walking lunges at Winfield.

Sat.--6.7 miles, not near enough but all I could do. Not enough sleep and tummy issues forced a couple of walk breaks.

funny story this morning, the alarm starts beeping at 5 a.m. and James is moaning "Turn that off, turn the alarm off right now". I started teasing him about it later and he doesn't remember a thing.


Patti said...


You rocked at the Track Run. Congratulations on the great finish!

Patti H

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks Patti! I did better than what I expected, maybe I need to do a mountain bike warmup before every race, lol! Are you going to start a blog?

Arland said...

Good job at the track run! I think you and Josh were the only Cruisers to place. First in your age group looks pretty good! Keep it up. By the way, I got to try the pickle juice yesterday on a hard bike ride out Ed Haymes Road...good stuff! Thanks.

gabsatrucker said...

Glad it worked! we're going to grab some for James next time we stop at Dawson. Thanks for the congrats, I'm kind-of enjoying being in the top 10 overall for the moment, I'll get knocked out of that with the next race, LOL.

Susan said...

Chasen rarely remembers middle-of-the-night words spoken. Those men!