01 February 2009

battle scars

Results of today's crash on the road bike.

Bottom of a hill+ Curve+ braking+ deep gravel = a spectacular crash!!

I never realized how hard it was taking a picture of your own leg with a camera phone.


Arland said...

Dang girl, I feel for ya. Road rash hurts for a while. I was worried today, we did about 19 miles and half through I broke a spoke so I was worried about the downhills after that. Take care of that leg!

gabsatrucker said...

Arland, that sucks on the broken spoke, will you be able to replace just it or are you going to have to replace the whole rim? I've gotten a little too complacent with the gravel from riding the mountain bike I guess.

Arland said...

Yes the spoke can just be replaced, though the wheel will have to be trued up. This is the second one that has broke on me. Yes, that gravel is unforgiving. I was watching the sand too yesterday. Lots of it on the bridges from the ice.