22 February 2009

Familiar trails

Last Tuesday I made my first pickup at Pulaski in almost 2 months, felt like homecoming. Deanna is back to work but for only 2 days a week right now and they still haven't called Terry back because it's so slow. I missed my Pulaski runs--both truck and workout but I think I've gotten to where I prefer the Mt. Juliet because it gets out earlier in the morning. Although it's still slow coming back out of Laredo, blech. I think we'll be alternating the pickups in TN until things (if they do) stabilize a bit more because I've got a M.J. for this week.

I finally have an a.p.u. on my truck!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy about having a coffee maker and microwave in my truck it's almost ridiculous. No more having to deal with instant coffee or (EEEK) doing without for half the day. AND I can make my own oatmeal. Do you know how hard it is to get a decent bowl of oatmeal in a restaurant anymore? I will also be able to have a little more variety in my diet now. I'm very, very, very sick of Subway veggie sandwiches but unfortunately it's about the healthiest, quickest choice usually available.

It was a fall-back week on the running schedule thank goodness. My legs were so trashed from last weekend that when James and I went mountain biking Monday afternoon I spent about 25% of the time walking the bike up the hills. Also didn't do the pushups last week. Will start again with week 5 tomorrow or Monday. The new rest areas at Salado have monkey bars and a bench for situps so I decided to try some chin-ups. Wed. I did 6 counting the first one that is basically momentum and Friday I did 7, woo-hoo, the pushup are working! Skipped the plyometrics this week too(again my legs WERE trashed). Tomorrow will be an easy 4-5 mile run with James in the morning, then hope to join Gary R. for a 20 mile ride in the afternoon. Maybe it won't be too cold.

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