08 February 2009

Sunny Sunday

It turned into a gorgeous day! Sunny and mid-70F temps, ahhhh. Anyway slept in this morning (after a 5:48 am bathroom break for Elsie. I was needing to get my truck back to International and since James was going to be in NLR getting a trailer worked on we made plans to drop my truck back off for a couple of hours. While it was in the shop (again) we drove to the Rivertrail at Cooks Landing so I could get my 6 miles in. Took Elsie for the first 3.47, she was so hyper she needed a good workout! Kind of a mistake taking her though, she'd be great until we met somebody, or passed people, then she would either pull me or stop and try to go back and visit. It was also warmer than she's used to, I ended up giving her almost all of our water before we got back to James. One cyclist we met was like "Oh, that poor dog!" because we were running, but darn it she was the one pulling me at the time!

After she got left with James I took off across the Big Dam Bridge and was really looking forward to the water fountain on the other side. Boy was I disappointed, it had been shut off for the winter I guess, grrr. So back across the bridge. I was getting kind of frustrated because you had some cyclists that wouldn't warn you "on the left" before passing and kind of crowd you--I was against the wall unless passing somebody myself, but it's still nice to get a heads-up. On the other hand, you would have people walking 3-5 abreast who wouldn't move over for the cyclists when they would warn them. Probably lack of experience on both sides. I did get several thank yous when I had Elsie because I would move completely off the trail with her while we were running so that the cyclists would have plenty of room and wouldn't get freaked out while passing a dog.

My truck still wasn't finished when we got back to the dealer so we hung out in the grass behind the shop so Elsie could play off the leash and I took the opportunity to do my pushups. Final day on week 5, will have to do another test in a couple of days to find out if I move to week 6 or do level 2 on week 5. Today was 2 sets of 13, 2 sets of 15, 2 sets of 12, 1 set of 10, 1 set of at least 30. At 21 on the final set I started having to pause at the top and rest for a second before moving on and couldn't get myself back up on 29! Arms were shaking and I pretty much did a face plant on the grass for a moment before getting back up for the last one. Did get cat-called by a group of Cal-Ark drivers walking around looking for their trucks. Oh well, I'm pretty sure that I can do more pushups than they can so they can make fun all they want.

Thought about getting the road bike out when I got back home but I'm TIRED. This has been a hard week. Still hate to pass up such pretty weather though. Did get my 30 miles in this week that was supposed to have been done last week. I think I'll still be ok on my schedule for the Little Rock half-marathon anyway.

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Susan said...

It is gorgeous here today, also!

I kinda miss my days on the River Trail, both cycling and running. Those were the days!