06 February 2009

waiting game

Dropped my trailer last night but things are getting tighter with the trailers being available so I have been laid over for the day. If everything goes right my trailer should be here in another hour. If it does get here I should be able to get hooked up and rolling north to Pearsall before I have to go to bed, I'm feeling more tired than usual so won't make it any further than that. James unfortunately picked up some virus, we think he got it from our NLR shop. They've been passing it around amongst each other for the past few weeks. His truck came up on the list to have an a.p.u. (auxiliary power unit) installed last weekend so he at least got a couple of extra days off. He still had to leave out last night to pick up in TN and will be in Laredo tomorrow evening.

Workouts for the week
Monday 4.09 miles at home before I left
Wednesday--pushups, dips, walking lunges, and plyometrics in the morning at a picnic area just north of Athens, 5.09 mile run at Buda in the afternoon
Thursday--3.74 mile run at the new Academy Sports off of loop 20 here in Laredo (supposed to have been 8)

Very, very, very frustrated with today's run for several reasons. 1)I can't find a place to run at Laredo that is safe and won't kill my legs 2)I slept late so had to deal with traffic and construction workers 3)warmer than I'm used to 4) my legs ache from yesterday and 5) it was WINDY! It was blowing so hard my truck was rocking back and forth. If I hadn't been stubborn and tried to do the stupid intervals today I probably could have gotten in 5-6 miles okay. But, noooooooo, I had to try and be a hard-ass. Well it kicked me in the ass instead of the other way around. Blech.

Yesterday was a bee-yoo-tee-ful day once I got on I35 south--the weather anyway, traffic was a different story. I sat in back-ups due to 5 wrecks between Austin and San Antonio. What was up with that? I could understand if it was raining or overcast but it was sunny and mid 70 F temps. People should have had their windows down and enjoying the day (like me!).

Did a little bit of retail therapy at Academy Sports after my screwed up run. Under Armor and Nike hoodies were marked down to $19.88--managed to limit myself to 2, lol. Also got a couple of long-sleeved Nike tees and 1 pair of workout shorts for 9.88 each, a pair of Nike shoes for $30, and some running shorts and socks at regular price. I only planned to get the socks when I went in, should have stayed away from the clearance racks.

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