14 February 2009

Odd bird stuff

Don't know why but I've been doing a lot of bird-watching in the truck lately--boredom probably, lol! Unfortunately most of the viewing has been either macabre or obscene.

Any-hoo part of what I've seen this week

Tuesday--On I-40 in Tenn somewhere between Nashville and Memphis (told you I was bored!) a bald eagle sitting on the grass with 2 parked cars on the shoulder. I'm guessing the eagle got hit by one of them or they witnessed it being hit and were waiting for some kind of animal control to arrive to tend to it. Gorgeous bird, I don't think I've ever seen a bald eagle outside of captivity before.

Wed. and Thurs.--On Hwy 19 at the lake between Emory and Sulphur Springs, TX. Lots and lots of dead ducks on the road. For some reason the younger ducks were getting up on the highway and then getting very, very smushed by the 65-70 mph traffic. They weren't ducklings but not full grown, they didn't have very good control of their wings yet. Wed. morning when I drove through it was only dead ducks but Thursday I ended up having to slow way down and dodge some of them. Fortunately I didn't hit any but it was still disturbing to see the carcasses scattered on the road. I've been taking this shortcut for a couple of years and this is the first time I've seen this. Wonder what was causing them to get on the roadway in such large numbers?

Friday--watched a pair of cardinals doing their mating ritual on the shoulder of Hwy 67. Silly birds, don't they know kids (and immature adults) are watching?

Told you it was odd bird stuff this week.

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