15 February 2009

River Trail 15k

I have been looking forward to the River Trail 15k for a couple of months and now there's a chance I may not get to run it, boo...... Dispatcher let me know that I've had a schedule change for this coming week and instead of loading on Tuesday, I won't get to reload until Wednesday. I can make it to Laredo no problem by Thursday night but the big issue will be whether I have a trailer waiting for me to head back home with. If I have a trailer, then no prob. I can make it back to NLR by Saturday a.m. legally. I'll just pack whatever I plan to wear for the race Sat., spend the night in my truck and just go straight to the race that morning without going home first. Cross your fingers everybody, I really, really want to make this race, esp. since it's the G.P. 15k championship.

1 comment:

Arland said...

We will keep our fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you can make it work out.