22 February 2009

Thieves, Liars

Grrrr, James and I drove up to Bald Knob this afternoon to move our trucks to the fuel stop that we normally park at and found out that some ignorant, lazy, *ssholes decided to break into our trailers. I had a normal metal seal on mine this week instead of the usual cable seal thank goodness because the jerks didn't have bolt cutters and busted up part of the door on James' trailer. Absolutely nothing of value in our trailers on our hauls out of Laredo, just empty racks and we don't park there on our way out of TN for this reason. This just pisses me off to no end, I can't abide a thief. We weren't parked at the usual place because Oakley is now using it as a staging area overnight from where they're hauling out of the Fayetteville Shale and if you don't get there before sundown you're not getting a parking spot. Even at 10 pm last night there wasn't a spot to be found. Excuse me, while I go fume for a while longer...........

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