04 February 2009

25 things about me

Kelownagurl tagged me in a roundabout way (I read her blog, she said to consider yourself tagged if you do, lol!)

Hmmm, where to start?

1) I wore combat boots--I joined the Army Reserves in my junior year of high school, did basic in between my junior and senior year at Fort Dix, then AIT after graduation at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Didn't re-up after my initial time was over.

2) I can't dance, if you've seen me dancing anytime after high school it's a pretty good chance that I was very drunk at the time. I think the last time I even slowdanced with James was approx. 10 years ago.

3) People assume that I'm a city girl but actually was brought up in a very rural environment. My mom and step-dad kept a garden, canned food, grew chickens, rabbits, and hogs, cut wood for heat, etc....

4) I won the school spelling bee in the 8th grade (still have the trophy!)

5) I think black (or any dark color) nail polish on a guy is very sexy. Can't talk my husband into it though.

6) Hard angry music calms me down (think I might have issues?!)

7) I'm a Hello Kitty fan, even have a H.K. tattoo on my upper back

8) I don't like needles! I've had multiple piercings and heavily tattooed but I absolutely cannot watch it being done to myself or anybody else

9) I'm sensitive to surgical stainless steel so if I ever have to anything screwed back together it better be with niobium or titanium.

10) I rarely wear makeup but I have a huge cosmetic collection, esp. M.A.C. and Urban Decay

11) Cannot under any circumstances go to sleep without reading a book. It may only be a few sentences before I conk out but it has to be something. And magazines don't work.

12) I'm a HUGE sci-fi fan. If it wasn't for the small issue of me being very claustrophobic I would love to go into space.

13) Speaking of claustrophobia, I try to buy vehicles without power windows or locks. If I'm in a vehicle that goes into any kind of water I want to be able to get out. Sometimes I think we're the only people that don't have a keyless entry/alarm though. Now if I could get an option with only the passenger window being electric I would love that.

14) I have two small scars on my cheeks from where I would walk around reading while outside (usually when I was supposed to be doing my chores) and bumped into things.

15) I'm looking forward to turning 40

16) I've had 4 auto accidents, none of which were my fault. All involved guys running stop signs or red lights (2 of each). Two of those accidents were on the same street, just at different intersections.

17) Most things electronic in our house I'm in charge of troubleshooting or fixing but I'm scared silly to touch any of the knobs except volume, sqelch, and channel on my C.B. because I don't want to mess any of the settings up. If I happen to bump anything I usually whine at James to come fix it. (It's a Galaxy 33 btw if anybody's curious).

18) I was a white milk kid in school. Not sure what turned me off of chocolate milk but can't stand it.

19) I believe James and I were destined to be together. It's weird how many times our lives intersected before we actually met.

20)I wanted to be a veterinarian or librarian when I was a kid

21) I don't like talking on the phone to anybody besides James. My brain gets ahead of my mouth (or vice-versa) and I end up sounding like I'm incapable of a coherent sentence.

22)The most fun I've ever had in school was a mud football game at lunch in the 6th or 7th grade. The principal was threatening to give us detention but was having trouble keeping from laughing so just made us all go to class wet and dirty. I think that was the coolest I'd ever felt, 'cause upperclassmen kept coming up to me afterwards saying they wished they could have been there to play.

23) I watch "What Not to Wear" way too much, esp. since my wardrobe now consists of workout wear, jeans, and tees.

24) I consider pimento cheese to be among the most disgusting foodstuffs in the world (excepting the obvious like eyes, brains, etc). sorry if I just grossed everybody out.

25)I think pink and orange is a fantastic color combo--that's the colors I usually wear on my toenails in the summer.

I'm going to follow Kelownagurl's example, if you read my blog consider yourself tagged if you want to participate.

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Terry said...


......would all be on my list, except I dont talk to James on the phone, but my brains do run ahead of my mouth on occasion!