19 January 2009

Don't feed the bears

This much abused bear sculpture is at the beginning of the bicycle trail closest to my house. Poor guy has had a paw cut off. Can't see Elsie because she wouldn't stand still.

Yesterday's 10 miler was miserable........If I hadn't had James and the dog with me I don't think I would have made it. I've never had issues breaking shoes in, usually can put them on and I'm good to go right from the start but the 2130's I bought last weekend (holabirdsports.com, cheap, and very fast free shipping!) are another story altogether. OW, OW, OW--they were uncomfortable before I finished mile 1. Not sure what the difference is between these and the other 2 pair of 2130s are--other than a different color--but there was something. Oh well, I think they were ok by the end of the 10 miles. This was also one of the times when I was watching the garmin to stop right at the mileage I needed.

Waited until almost lunchtime before I went out so that I wouldn't have to bundle up (and sleep in, LOL!!!!!!) and James followed me on his mountain bike. This is also the longest run I've ever taken Elsie on and the only problems she had was when James would take off on some side trails to explore. She didn't want us split up, the pack started together so we were supposed to stay together. It was a very pretty day--at least until we turned back towards the house and ran smack into a headwind, blech. James and I would take turns with Elsie's leash and at one point she was pulling James along on his mountain bike, that was just over 200 lbs! She's a strong dog for her size.

Anyway, I'm very glad this next week is a fallback week. I need it, I'm tired and was having some shin and calf pain before I got the new shoes. Now I'm just having some toe pain where the shoes rubbed the sides (actually part of it may have been the socks I was wearing too). Was also 1.19 miles short on the week because of Sat.'s run. This weeks schedule is for 22 miles in 4 days.

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Susan said...

Ouch! Sorry about your feet. I know sometimes breaking in shoes can be a BEAR.