11 January 2009

productive day, sort-of

Well, I had a good workout day, haven't done much else yet. Was lazy and laid around in bed until almost 10 a.m.--it was nice getting to doze and read and doze. Finally got around and did some dishes and a couple of loads of laundry followed by a 4.26 mile easy run with Elsie. She did pretty good considering I've been having a hard time getting her to go when James isn't with us in the past month. I swear she's developing more phobias as she gets older though. James says she's more neurotic than Woody Allen.

Ok since I started this post I've done the 15 minute ab workout in the Feb. issue of Runner's World, done some more laundry, and went for a 15.55 mile bicycle ride. Is that a weird mileage or what? Wasn't planned that's just what it was when I got back home. Today I did a high cadence, easy spin workout. Tried to keep the cadence over 100 as much as possible which meant I ended up using much easier gears than usual. Trying to get my legs used to a higher spin rate so hopefully by this spring I'll be a little faster. Kept a 15.2 mph ave. which is 1-2 mph faster than normal--had to slow for foot traffic, stop signs, and a dog otherwise it might have even been a bit better. Did the rolling dismount again--it's cool when you get it timed right.

Yesterday was my long run, drove down to Cabot again to run with the Cruisers (huge group yesterday!). Had 10 miles scheduled, ran 10.42 plus a little cooldown walk. Thought I was going to have tummy issues but didn't (YAY!!!!!), I think having people to talk to helps take my mind off of it and lessens the probability of it happening (thinking about other than things rather than stressing about it). Cindy and I got started talking about Tim Horton's now I'm craving their coffee--I always had to stop at Tim's when going to Canada. The Michigan locations just weren't the same in my opinion, probably all in my head but the Canadians were definitely friendlier. I know I always preferred dealing with the Canadian brokers and border officers. The Ambassador Bridge U.S. officers were usually full on assholes. It's like they started their day wanting to see how miserable they could make other people. You didn't step 1 mm over the line on the floor or lean against their counter when it was your turn to step up--it was the South Park "Respect my authoritay!!!" syndrome. Of course I haven't crossed into Canada since 1 month after 9/11 so maybe things have changed.

Finishing up laundry tonight, gave my big truck a quick scrubbing, bathed Elsie and have plans to watch a movie later while cleaning out my purse (yuck). I had the outside of my truck washed before I left Laredo Thursday morning--having a nice shiny clean hood always makes me feel better for some reason. Now if I could just get motivated to wash our pickup.

James thought he was going to get to drive over to TN with me tomorrow but the trailer he picked up at Laredo has major suspension issues--as in the air bags are totally flat plus there's a hole in the nose of the trailer that's going to have to be patched--so he's going to have to spend the day at the NLR shop. No telling who damaged the trailer, our guards don't do inbound inspections on the trailers coming back out of Mexico so there's no chain of paperwork to backtrack on to find out when it occurred.

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