18 January 2009

Trail brick

It turned into such a nice day that James and I took the mountain bikes out for a little spin this afternoon. The Searcy trails absolutely frustrate me, they run to the technical side which means (my interpretation anyway) way too many damn rocks. Getting better, although there is one downhill section that scares the hell out of me--very steep and lots of jagged pointy rocks--I usually walk down it. The soccer shin guards worked great by the way, no tore up legs tonight! We rode a 4.6+mile section on the bikes then went back to the pickup and I changed into running gear while James locked my bike down. Was supposed to have done 6 miles but only got in 3.8, the sun was going down and my tummy started acting up. 2.7 miles was on the trail, the remainder was out on the road. All in all an exceptional stress reliever!

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