06 January 2009


Yesterday's view 1/2 between N. Little Rock and Memphis. Had a surprise yesterday morning when I made my check call, actually had a load for today out of TN. Had absolutely nothing packed because as of Friday I thought I was going to be off for another week. I also camethisclose to running out of fuel yesterday. Fuel plan had me topping off at W. Memphis and usually I can make it with no problem but the ice yesterday made it an "Am I going to make it or not?" issue. I have 2-100 gallon tanks but only 90% of it is actually usable so that gives me approx. 180 gallons that I can count on, well I put on 178.041 at the old Pilot. Whew, way too close!!!!!!!! Not only did the ice buildup make my truck heavier, it also changes the aerodynamics. For the last 30 miles I was doing between 55-60 mph to use as little as possible and I should have been getting at least 7 mpg at those speeds but I was lucky to touch 6 mpg. I was cringing every time the engine fan kicked on and had to pee so bad but didn't dare stop 'cause what little fuel is in the tanks will surge forward and that will sometimes cause the sensor to read that there's no diesel.

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Arland said...

Good thing you didn't run out of fuel. That's not a fun thing and even worse if you run out in this bad weather. Glad you made it!