05 January 2009

bored and tired

James left this afternoon to pick up a Laredo load out of Louisiana--actually it doesn't pick up until tomorrow morning but we had locked down an empty Friday afternoon on the yard and needed to get back down there to make sure nobody had cut our locks off. Night dispatch wouldn't go ahead and show it being unavailable 'cause his tractor was still parked in our drive so we did the best we could to make sure the trailer would still be there today. Good thing too, because James had a driver come over bitching at us about it while we were getting everything hooked up. Yard is still full of trailers (loaded), most of us dedicated G.M. drivers will be sitting for another week at least. I rode down with James so that I could bring my tractor home to clean it and get everything repacked, supposed to have been repaired but I made it less than 20 miles when the warning light came back on. These new engines and exhaust systems have been nothing but trouble........

Anyway, I'm back home and moping around because I don't have anybody to talk to (or cuddle up to).

Drove down to Cabot to meet up with part of the Cruiser group for my long run. Ended up being 7 of us--Brenda, Lisa, Annette, Michelle, Cindy, and Vicki (?, correct me if I'm wrong, it usually takes being introduced twice before names stick). I overdressed this morning so ended up taking off my tech shirts and tying them around my waist--my niece Abigail would have said that I wasn't being very modest running in my jog bra and shorts, LOL.... Foggy but warm to start with, then had a nice cooling mist, then it sprinkled and started getting chilly towards the very end. I hate days that start out warm(ish) then get cold before lunch. Ended up with 9.25 miles in 1:29:52. I'm a little sore this evening, running with Brenda and Lisa is either going to kill me or make me a much faster runner, ha-ha!!! Hopefully it will be the latter, either way it's sooooo much fun getting to hang out with them that the miles just fly by.

I was starving on the way home so stopped at Harp's and grabbed some bacon to cook for breakfast, we already had eggs--I was craving fried, salty junk I guess. My fingers were swollen so I was probably needing electrolytes. Anyway I actually cooked breakfast this morning and surprised James (I rarely cook).

Forgot about yesterday's bicycle ride, it was nice, I love days where I can wear shorts and don't have to bundle up. G.R. rode his mountain bike so I had a fighting chance of staying ahead of him for once (I was on my roadie). Anyway it was a short ride, just over 15 miles for me counting the distance to and from my house but got in some nice sprints where we got up out of the saddle and rode as hard as possible for 30 seconds at a time. Doesn't sound like much but it is a tough workout. James is teaching me how to dismount the bike while it's moving and I successfully did it twice yesterday (on grass, lol!). Basically you swing your right leg straight back over the rear of bicycle while you lean left and lean the bike right and bring the right leg in behind your left. Little more difficult to do it with clipless pedals because I have to get the timing just right with unclipping and hitting the ground moving, my cleat throws me off balance a little and it's easy to twist an ankle.

Oh, and I'm working on my fear of curves on the bicycle, there's this one tight curve on the trail that always has gravel just before you start into it and I always get nervous and scrub off most of my speed before entering it. Yesterday I did a little better, approached the curve, relaxed, coasted a tad (didn't touch the brakes for once) and really hammered into it once I was past the gravel, YAY me!!!!!!

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Hope you join us more - we loved having you on the run.