17 January 2009

Buda run

Me, James, and Elsie ran at Buda, TX Friday morning on the way home. Absolutely loved it!! Although James wasn't as enthusiastic, it had been almost 2 weeks since he did any running--still did great though. The Buda route is one I'm going to do again, Cabela's has truck parking, the downtown has open clean bathrooms and I can add on as much as I need. .55 miles walking and ran 4.58 miles.

I've ran three new routes this week, very nice to shake the routine up whenever possible. The first was at Lebanon, TN Tues. just before lunch. There's a frontage road next to the Pilot that curves around and goes into an industrial park if you turn left at the stop sign or into a mix of residential and warehouses if you go straight across the road. Had a friendly Bassett hound (are there any mean bassetts?) come and visit me for a few steps. Short stubby legs and long, floppy ears, he was toooo cute! It did start spitting snow on me the last mile, I was definitely colder on the way back than when I first headed out. Started getting some calf and shin pain. 5.22 miles in 48:33.

Wed. afternoon, I ran scenic (NOT) downtown Dawson after 3 miles on County road 709 west. Took Elsie with me and she did not like the tractor at all that we met. Evidently it sounded like the thunder monster. Dawson is pretty much dead as far as any businesses except for the convenience store on 31 and the co-op--too close to Corsicanna and Waco. More shin and calf pain than Tuesday, means I've worn these shoes too long. 4.17 miles in 42:20 (slower because of Elsie's issues).

Thursday was a rest day and I was laid over in Laredo so did some shopping--bought a new pair of trail shoes. I think that my current shoes broke down quicker because of the amount of off-road running I'd been doing lately. I'd also ordered a new pair of road shoes last weekend so I should be good for now.

Got dispatched Thursday afternoon--decided to wait on James because he was only 2.5 hours out of Laredo at that point. My trailer had had both marker lights on the sides removed so had to take a quick spin through the shop. While in there had a driver ask if the trailer had come out of the factory that way and that it must have been hard to tell when to change lanes without them at night. Ooookay, he's new so I just explained to him that no, it didn't come out that way, that a driver had removed them and if you change lanes using those lights as your guide you're going to come over way too close in front of somebody.

James and I took our time coming home, shopped at Cabela's for a little while. I found a pair of Yak Trax in the bargain cave in my size for $12.99. Probably will never need them unless we start pulling out of the midwest again but couldn't pass them up at that price. At least I'm prepared for any snow or ice running now, LOL!

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