17 January 2009

Quietly freaking out

Just found out this morning that the company I work for is in the process of laying off 150 drivers. Also quite a few of the office personnel have been let go (at least 1 I'm not sorry to see go, very arrogant towards the drivers). Guess we're safe for the moment, there aren't that many drivers that are willing to pull as few miles as what James and I will, the only reason we can do it is because the paychecks are going to the same household. And we're reliable--that's why we get to run dedicated routes when others don't. Still makes me VERY nervous but it looks like it's just the general freight haulers as of right now. Our dispatcher has told James on a couple of different occasions that as long as he has dedicated routes we'll have a job--hope that will continue to hold true. I've never drawn unemployment benefits and don't want to start now.

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