01 January 2009

New Year's Day run

Drove down to Cabot this morning to meet up with the Cruisers for a New Year's Day run. I had a 6 mile tempo run on the schedule and boy was I dreading it (3rd day in a row running this week). Running with the group always makes things better though, LOL!!!!! Started out just a tad too fast though but soon settled in with Brenda and Cindy--Bailey ran with us for a little while, YAY!!!!!! It was a little disheartening (yet inspiring!) to watch Tri-Lisa and 2 of the guys pull away like it was nothing while I was gasping for air like a fish on the bank. I forgot to set my garmin to give the mile splits and was too preoccupied and entertained to hit the lap button at any point.

Anyway got my 6 miles done in 55:03, stretched a little, got some excellent advice on push-up form (still having difficulty due to the clavicle healing crooked), said my good-byes, and headed back to Searcy to ride with the ABC-Searcy group at 10 a.m. Had just enough time to get McDonalds drive-thru and rush in to change clothes and load up the bicycles. We got to the local bicycle shop right at 10 but Gary R. was still unloading so we were ok. The original plan was to ride 20-30 miles but one of the guys was having trouble and instead of telling somebody he was heading back he just left. Grrrr, not very polite. We try to have a no-drop ride and usually everybody who rides with us knows to call or hold up in 1 spot to let somebody know they're cutting it short for the day. We were stopped and organizing a search party before he finally called Gary R. back to let us know he was ok. Ended up with 18.14 miles, windy and cold.

Anyway, I've had 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and several brownies and I'm sitting here smelling the dinner that James is cooking, mmmmmm. Blackeyed peas, cabbage, spicy chicken breasts, and cornbread. I don't think I've done enough to counteract all the calories today!

Weekend schedule--easy 3 miles for Friday, ride with the l.b.s. Saturday, and hopefully I'll be able to do my long run Sunday with Annette and Jane (9 miles for me).

Happy New Year everybody!!!!


Arland said...

You were one of the brave ones that made it out in the cold this morning! I woke up, looked at the temperature and said no way. Still didn't sleep so I should have went and run anyway. I did get three miles in this afternoon. Wanted to bike but times and temps just didn't work out.

Susan said...

Happy New Year! You did a lot today. WOW!