31 January 2009

Comedy of errors

It's been a little while since I updated so just going to start with this morning and kind of work my way back. I WAS supposed to meet the group at Andrea's house this morning at 7 a.m. for a run, was going to be a little late so called Brenda to let her know and then promptly got lost! For some reason I'd gotten it into my head that she lived in Greystone rather than Magness. By the time I realized my mistake (and circled the wrong area multiple times) I was really late......So Brenda, I'm sorry about the 2 dazed and confused phone messages, LOL! I did know the route they were running so drove it until I caught up with them to let them know what happened. Everybody was so sweet and Andrea offered to drive me back to my pickup if I wanted to park and run the rest of the way with them.

I didn't get in the 11 miles scheduled but then again nothing else has gone as planned this week. Managed to get 6.6 miles with a couple of walk breaks and 1 potty stop in the woods and lots of great conversation with the girls. Last night I only got 4.5 hrs sleep and it really hit me hard this morning. That's probably part of why I got so confused about the location (yeah, that's my story!) and had tummy issues. Maybe should have skipped this morning and slept in but was looking forward to the group run so much since I didn't get to see them last week. Oh well, next week will be better--I hope!

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