01 January 2009

Boring stuff

Weird work schedule this week so didn't get a chance to post about last week's workouts--I'm SURE everybody has been on pins and needles wondering what I've done (being just a tad facetious here).

Saturday must have been the day for bricks, Arland posted that he'd done one that day too, LOL! Anyway, met with the Searcy group and did a kind of easy 13.47 miles (did include some sprints and one legged drills). It was almost the perfect temp for a ride, I was able to wear shorts and ended up unzipping my jacket before the 1/2 way point. The only downside was that it was humid, damp, and windy--our bicycles and legs were FILTHY by the end from all the road spray, yuck. The wind did make it tough when you were having to ride into it, I was barely doing 9 mph at one point and was also getting knocked sideways while we were on Queensway. So we've got the 30 mph gusts of wind and what do I decide to do once I get home? Why, I put on my running shorts and shoes and do a 5k around the neighborhood. You want a whole new level of torture then do a brick!!!!!! My legs felt like blocks of lead and I was gasping like a freight train from trying to run in the humidity and wind. Got it done though and in a reasonable amount of time--3.1 miles in 28:00.

Sunday afternoon, James and I stopped at Cotulla, TX for a quick run, he did 2.5 miles and I did 3.19. Beautiful weather, sunny and mid 70 temps, ahhhhhhh.

Monday was a rest day. We did stop at a steakhouse at Kerens, TX that we'd been meaning to try. OHMYGOSH, we have been missing out!!! Both of us ordered the brisket lunch special--huge portions of brisket, mashed potatoes, veggies, dessert, 2 coffees, 1 iced tea, and tip for under $20. It was delicious, awesome service, and cheap!!!!!! That's such a rare find anymore.

I also got pulled over east of Malakoff for a random d.o.t. inspection Monday afternoon, blech. James had gotten stopped at the last red light in town so I was just doing about 50 mph in a 60 mph zone waiting on him--Texas has higher speed zones in the rural areas on back roads--and I guess the cop thought I had something to hide. He realized why I was going so slow when I started waving at James as he passed me so made it a quick inspection. Had the lights, horn, and paperwork checked--came out clear of course, nothing on my record and my log was up-to-date. Quick note, the area I was stopped was a 4 lane highway with turn lanes so I wasn't obstructing traffic by going slower so no grumbles please about me holding up traffic.

Had to drop my tractor off at the shop again Tues., having exhaust problems again, yuck.

Tuesday afternoon was a 4.35 mile run, James followed me on his mountain bike and once we got on the bicycle trail nobody else was about so we turned Elsie loose to let her chase him and run off her excess energy. By the way, my dog has decided that she doesn't want to run unless both of us are there. If it's just me, she sits her ass down after a 1/4 of a mile and refuses to move.

Wed. run was with James so started with a .53 mile walk to warm up then ran 3.97 miles. Elsie kept pulling and didn't calm down until about the 40 minute mark so my back is sore on the left side. I'm going to try the 2 leash thing tomorrow where you wrap one around your waist and then hook the other leash to it. It's supposed to leave your hands free and the dog shouldn't pull you around as much. Hope it works.

December's mileage was 98.2 miles ran and 44.7 miles biked. Should have got out and ran 1.8 miles yesterday afternoon to make it an even 100, ahhh, junk miles.

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