09 January 2009

ups and downs

I've felt like I've been on a roller coaster this week--I want my nice, boring days back, lol.........

Up--Got a load when I didn't think I was going to so didn't have to use another vacation week
Down--Didn't expect to work, so nothing packed, shoot I hadn't even showered when I did my check call Monday morning and I had lots of plans made (like getting my hair cut!).

Up--freezing rain wasn't sticking to the road Monday
Down--was definitely sticking to my truck, resulting in increased fuel usage and almost caused me to run out just before my fuel stop. Most companies are using a fuel optimization program that doesn't take into account any adverse conditions or delays (in other words--it sucks!).

Up--had a reload Tuesday
Down--load wasn't ready so had to sit for a couple of hours waiting for 1 pallet to come in

Up--Yard driver brought my trailer to me and lowered it to the correct height (he thinks I'm cute, lol)
Down--Trailer was missing a mudflap. Had a choice, could go 5 miles the wrong way to buy 1 and replace it myself in approx. 30-45 minutes or call road rescue to have them send me to TA where I would sit 2-3 hours and spend 2 1/2 times as much so I could stay clean and dry. Did it myself, time is money and I see any unneccessary expense that I turn in as possibly affecting my next pay raise.

Up--fantastic run at Hurricane Mills Tues. afternoon and didn't have a shower line wait.
Down--Spent 44 minutes trying to fuel at the N. Little Rock Pilot. 35 minutes waiting in line to get to 1 of 2 ultra low sulfur diesel pumps, less than 5 actually fueling and the remainder waiting on the guy in front of me to leave.

Up--Ate breakfast with James Wednesday morning
Down--only got to eat breakfast with James, he was on his way home for a day and a 1/2 and had to be back in TN first thing this morning to reload while I still had to get to Texas.

Up--Finally sunshine!! Decent 3 mile trail run at the Hubbard, TX city park with Elsie Wed. afternoon.
Down--having trouble with my pushups.

Up--Made it through Austin in a reasonable amount of time
Down--Weirdo at Buda that went out of his way to stop in front of my truck and stare, then back up to park in a no parking area so he could continue to stare.

Up--Starbucks stop at San Marcos. Rec'd a gift certificate for Christmas so enjoyed an espresso truffle latte and giant oatmeal raisin cookie.
Down--way too many calories

Down--Came the closest that I ever have to hitting somebody in the big truck Wednesday night going through San Antonio. Some idiots (there was more than 1 four-wheeler, I think they were traveling together) decided they needed to be in the center lane no matter what and then decided to almost stop. The lane change didn't happen directly in front of me, it was about 1/2-3/4 of a mile out but it was just a domino effect where it was getting worse the further back you were. Nowhere to go, it was just a case of hold on to the wheel and brake as hard as possible without the trailer sliding out from under me. Yeah, I did one of those noisy, sliding stops with the wheels smoking, but so was everybody else. I was shaky for quite a while afterwards because I just knew I wasn't going to get it shut down in time, thank goodness it did get stopped. It's giving me shivers just writing about it.

Up--had a trailer at Laredo!!
Down--Ceva (Penske) has decided to redo the gate procedures AGAIN. Like usual, no signs letting you know, just the guard coming out yelling at you 'cause you didn't read his mind to know there's a new way of doing things.

Up--absolutely beautiful day in south Texas on Thurs., it was in the 80's. Ahhh, that's the s. Texas I know and love.
Down--had a 7 mile speed workout (3x1600's at 8:10 pace) that went all to hell at Pearsall Thurs. morning due to the heat and me being underhydrated. The minor butt explosion beforehand didn't help either. Knew I was in trouble on my warmup but thought I could h.t.f.u. through it. Mmm, nope. Made it .75 mile on my first interval then had to take a walk break. Decided that 1/2 mile intervals would work better so did 5 of those with 1-2 minute walk breaks in between. Needless to say I didn't get 7 miles in and could only manage .75 mile cooldown jog before I imploded.

Up--Elsie and I had a nice walk enjoying the warm day after I got showered. I so wanted to just buy a lounge chair and take a nap in the sun but decided I needed to get headed north.
Down--had to drive, couldn't take a nap in the sun.

Up--found a parking spot at Mt. Vernon last night after 8 p.m., woo-hoo!!
Down--Had another weirdo staring at me, at least until I closed my cab curtains. I'm used to the second glances because there are still not that many women drivers but getting that fixed 50 yard stare is just downright creepy.

Except for the San Antonio thing, this week doesn't sound all that bad but there were a lot of other little things that just kind of piled on and made things a tad more stressful than usual. I was soooo glad to get out from behind the wheel today.

Supposed to do a 3 mile easy run today but was a little sore so took the bicycle out for a short ride. Only rode 8.25 miles but had 3 major hills--well, one monster hill, 1 very big hill, and 1 normal hill but tried to do everything all out. Great stress reliever. Followed that up with a 1.94 mile walk with Elsie in the neighborhood.


Terry said...

You should really stay away from my blog...I think my bad luck is rubbing off on you....

I used to pull out of Mt Vernon.. LOWES....

I have had several close calls like that, but never made contact....It was a set-up..Very scary. He waited until I had no where to go, and slammed on his brakes. My 45, 000 lbs of aluminum slide forward about 5 feet and cut every strap on the trailer..Needless to say, when I got situated and rescaled, I was 39 k on my drives.....and my Boss told me to pull it.....grrrrrr

Glad you got it stopped!!!

gabsatrucker said...

Terry, issn't it wild how everything seems to pile up at once? November before last it seemed like I had trailer problem after trailer problem, including an air bag that exploded on a brand new trailer while it was in the dock getting loaded with the first load ever.

Love the qualcomm for situations where they tell you to run with something illegal. I tell them I'll do it but want written documentation that they told me it was ok and would cover any fines/tickets.

Glad I got stopped too, I'd already resigned myself that I was going to hit somebody, just wanted it to be as slow as possible.