07 December 2008

Treadmills are starting to sound appealing

I'm sure by now that everybody has figured out that I absolutely can't stand cold weather (and I'm a whiner about it) but this year I'm handling it even worse than usual. I feel chilled all the time and allergies just won't go away. Need to go find a good multi-vitamin, cause it may be due to iron deficiency. Yuck, just don't like taking pills. Do they make an adult's chewable? That might help.

Yesterday I was just tired and cranky (probably my period fixing to start) so skipped the 5k at Russellville and slept in. James and I finally raked the yard in the afternoon, it's amazing how much "cleaner" it looks now. We have a leaf-blower that also can work as a mulcher so we chopped all the leaves up and put them in the sort-of compost pile we have started. I'm trying to do my best to recycle as much as possible and cut down our wastefulness. Afterwards, I went in for a water break put my head on the table and ended up falling asleep like that. All I was thinking was just resting for a moment and next thing I know I'm being woke up by James using the leaf blower to clean off the carport where he's finishing up the yard.

James ran 3.45 miles Friday afternoon in his new running shoes. He started having leg pain all of a sudden after being able to run 3 miles twice and then had a week where he couldn't run a 1/4 mile. Kept telling him it was time to replace the shoes but he argued with me. Finally just had to go into Academy Sports with him and INSIST he buy new shoes. Guess what, he was able to run again with no pain. Men.

Ok, I need to think about getting dressed for an 8 mile run but it's 31 F (feels like 22 F) and I'm starting to dream of a treadmill run (I hate treadmills though!).


Susan said...

James needs to listen to his in-house expert!!!

Dang, you were tired.

The treadmill is definitely a good warm weather option! I am loving mine.

Nadia said...

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