21 December 2008

What to Wear (when it's too freaking cold)

Brrrr! It's 21.6 degrees F right now and I'm supposed to be getting prepared for my long run (which may turn into a very short run!). Anyway the Runner's World website has this really neat little tool for what to wear based on the current temp, conditions, wind, and how you like to feel (ummm, not cold?). Got to get going, James and I volunteered to pull any TN loads that needed to be covered before Christmas so will be headed for Mt. Juliet later today and I still have to pick up my tractor from the International dealer (exhaust leak repair). Oh, the service writer at the shop was amazed and kind of freaked out that James and I ran separate trucks. He kept asking all these questions and saying how that was the neatest thing and he'd never heard about a husband/wife driving that way before.

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Susan said...

Cold - ick. That's DANG COLD. I hope you survived! :)