19 December 2008

Shin guard shopping

Last week's mountain biking adventure left me with the realization that I'm probably never going to learn to get my legs away from the pedals. All the slipping off and falling has left my shins a bruised and cut mess. So I've started shopping for shin guards (well James started looking first for me). Argh!!!!!!!!!! I don't know which ones to get or even what size to get. This is absolutely frustrating and I don't think we have any retailers locally that has this sort of stuff in stock so I can try it on first.

I did have one very spectacular incident last Saturday and I'm still not sure how I managed to not injure myself. There are several water crossings which have VERY narrow boards that you have to ride across--well, I could get off the bike and carry it across, most are not very wide but what's the fun in that? Anyway, these make me nervous so I tense up and when you tense up the bike wobbles. I wobbled right off the edge of one and when that happened the front wheel went straight down and stuck in the mud, I slid forward off the seat and the rear wheel went up in the air behind me. Trying to write a description does not do the situation justice, trust me it was wild. I didn't even scrape my shins on that one!

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Arland said...

Maybe you should opt for some clip in pedals, but then again crashing in a creek and doing a drop & flop would not be good.