12 December 2008

New math

Blech, it's only been 1 week with the Clarksdale, MS pickup and I'm already frustrated with it. First off, by following the route plan sent via qualcomm it added just over a hundred miles but only pays for 25. Yep, a grand total of $30 (.40 cpm X 25 + $20 extra pickup pay) for the privilege of missing lunch and standing in a very stinky, smoky plant listening to a forklift driver grumbling about how stupid day shift is. So not worth it. The factory is what used to be an old cotton mill warehouse and has absolutely no ventilation so the fumes from where the plastic is being cut and molded is horrible. My eyes were burning and I was coughing and hacking for a couple of hours after getting out of there. Can't imagine how the production workers feel from being in there for a full shift.

I was sooo hungry after finally getting loaded and the only place available with truck parking had only deep-fried junk. Made myself even sicker by eating a corn-dog and 3 potato wedges. YUCK!!!!!!!!!! Actually I don't think I even chewed anything, pretty much inhaled it. They did have excellent coffee (either that or I was just too caffeine-deprived to know any better).

Prior to all that mess Monday I did get in an excellent 5 mile run at Pulaski and found out that my dog running buddy didn't get run over after all, YAY! She kept running up to me and lightly head butting my hand to get me to pet her, awww.

It was nice being able to talk to James on the c.b. instead of having to call him this week but it looks like we'll be back to our regular schedule this coming week. It would have been even nicer if I hadn't been pms'ing and cramping and cranky.

I had return racks Tuesday night but James didn't until after 10 a.m. Wed. so we were later than usual getting home today. Well, I was anyway--he's a day early :-). Didn't get the scheduled run in because it was WINDY in Texas yesterday. 20-40 mph winds depending on the area. Beaumont and Houston had snow accumulation today (as well as southern Louisiana and Mississippi)--how crazy is that? Did finish up week 3, day 3, level 1 on the pushup challenge. Didn't do very well, was still feeling "off" due to my period and an exhaust leak that seems to be making the truck rounds (James, Terry, and now mine--grrrr).

Tried to get in a 5 miler this afternoon but my body decided that it had been being way too good here lately and I had to turn back after 3/4 of a mile. I think my tummy was belatedly punishing me for inflicting the deep-fried crap on it Monday. Very frustrating because I thought I had everything planned out--5 mile run, then a quick snack, and meet at the l.b.s for the Thursday afternoon ride (the one I've been skipping out on because it's been too darn cold!). Well, got the cycling in anyway but it was a short jaunt on the mountain bike (9.9 miles) instead of 15-20 miles on the road bike (I was out-voted, both James and Gary R. wanted to ride the knobby-tired beasts instead of the sleek, FAST road bicycles).

I've been reading the awesome St. Jude marathon and 1/2 marathon race reports on the Cabot Cruisers forum and some of the blogs (still not caught up with everybody's yet) and it's making me cry. Ummm, I can blame it on hormones can't I? Can't let EVERYBODY know I'm so mushy, I've got a reputation to keep up here, LOL!


Terry said...

OOhhhhh!! I am so happy to hear your buddy is alive and well!!

gabsatrucker said...


Me too!! I can't believe how much I missed seeing her.

Susan said...

You are such a busy one!