24 December 2008

Where's my holiday spirit?

It's hiding still!!!!
I know it's got to be there somewhere, maybe it will show back up by this evening. In the meantime I have gifts to count and wrap (nephew is old enough where his gifts are more expensive but still young enough that it kind of hurts his feelings if the niece gets more), a meal to plan for James to cook, and some last minute shopping to get done.

Finally made it home last night, my trailer was ready before 8 a.m. but James' didn't get done until closer to lunchtime. Have to be careful at Mt. Juliet because 9 times out of 10 the trailer will be dropped to high by the yard jockey. Overshooting the kingpin is not a good thing to do, lol. Fortunately I've only done it twice, both times were within my first 1.5 years of driving, and I caught it before I even got close to ramming the trailer into the back of the sleeper. Just a major pain to get out there and push the fifth wheel plate back down (that's after lowering the air suspension on the tractor and raising the trailer even more). Anyway, I always double-check the trailer height at this customer and yeah it was too high again yesterday. While I was lowering the trailer the yard driver came by and was going to help but I already had it under control by then. Did get an apology from him, I think he was kind of impressed that I handled it by myself instead of crying to the office for help. I did have a laugh with James about it afterwards that he never gets an apology or offer of help when he's having to do the same thing.

I knew I wasn't going to make it home in time to get my run in before dark (and rain) so stopped at the Pilot at Hurricane Mills to check out some new scenery. I love finding new (to me) roads to run on. Was going to run back towards the east but saw a sign for a church 6 miles out going towards the west on Old Hwy 13 so went that way instead. Beautiful and very little traffic. The only problem with new routes and being out in the country--No bathrooms!!!!! Got 4.55 miles in, was supposed to do 5 but my tummy started acting up and had to turn around. Oh well, almost got the full amount done. James was within 15 minutes of catching up with me by then so attempted some pushups, did ok, but didn't get the full sets in. I'm starting over with Week 3, level 2 but only got 12, 14, 13, 13, 6 (?) before my arms gave out, 3 shy on second set, and 11 shy on the final set. I was a little fatigued from the run and fighting with the trailer earlier in the day--besides having to lower it with almost 39,000 lbs on, I was having trouble with getting the tandems to release in order to slide them.


Arland said...

Glad you made it home in time for the holiday. We still have shopping to do today and gifts to wrap, plus work...time is running out. By the way, we do have a really good place to train for duathlons out on Hwy 31 so its not as far as Cabot from you guys. When we start up maybe you guys can join us. Merry Christmas to you and James!

Susan said...

Merry Christmas!