23 February 2008

39? I can't be 39!!!!!!

Yesterday was my 39th birthday, where in the world have the years gone? I don't feel 39 (at least I didn't until the 10 miles on the treadmill last night), I certainly don't act like a 39 yr old should--at least according to some family members. But there it is, one year closer to 40. Oh well, at least this time next year I'll be the young one in a new age group.

Been rearranging my run schedule this week. I came through home on Monday night to run 5 miles on the 'mill. Excellent run, practically had the gym to myself. Tues. was the Mt. Vernon loop, supposed to have been 4 miles, ended up with 3.6. Started having a sharp stitch on my right side at just after mile 3 that would not quit even with walk breaks. That was a direct result of not rehydrating properly after monday night. Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday was my 10 mile long run. Had planned to do it outside, but by the time I got to Searcy, it was 34 F, foggy, and misting rain so decided not to chance the roads--everybody was driving crazy. I survived it--barely. Gym was crowded, only 2 of the little treadmills avail. so did my first 2 miles on one of them then moved once a better one became avail. for the last 8. So how do you survive a long run on the 'mill? Lots and lots of water fountain breaks and the Podrunner podcast--loved, loved, loved Symphonic Movements!

As of Wed. the Nike outlet at San Marcos, TX had water belts with the small bottles on sale for 9.99. Awesome deal, I hope this one will work with my body type, I've been having a hard time finding one that will work.

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