05 February 2008

Monday drivers

Man was traffic rough on the I-40 corridor from Memphis to Little Rock today. Not sure what was going on in Memphis but it was almost as bad as North Carolina on a NASCAR weekend. Lots of aggressive drivers today, guess it was the 70ish temps combined with the heavy clouds. Humid and gloomy, not a good combination. Glad to be parked for the night.

James' run went good yesterday, at least I think so! 23 minutes and 36 seconds of running without stopping outside. He says he's still not sure about this running stuff though. Unfortunately his load canceled out today, having to wait until tomorrow morning to reload. This time of year can be erratic and we've been bringing quite a few racks into the customers with no return loads so there will probably be some layovers later this month in Laredo until things get back to normal.

This week's running schedule is bumping me up to 5 days a week. Tomorrow is a 4 miler, but thunderstorms are predicted so will have to see how that goes. I do not like running outdoors when there is lightning involved. I'm ok with the rain as long as it's not cold, but not lightning, nuh-uh.

Did ab exercises, stretches, pushups, and dips this morning. Had been getting out of the habit of this during the week and I wish I hadn't. It really makes a huge difference in the aches and pains department, esp. in the lower back.

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