03 February 2008


My hives are finally calming down, not near as much itchiness and just little red bumps left now. That is definitely something I never want to experience again!!

Today's run was 5.56 miles in just under 54 minutes. Much warmer today but overcast. Ended up having to make a pitstop at a gas station 9/10 of a mile in. Got there and the women's restroom was occupied. Waited, waited, and waited some more, I would've wondered if the current occupant had fallen asleep but every so often I could hear them coughing. Just about to give up when a guy came out of the WOMEN'S restroom. Thank goodness he hadn't left a mess, I always dread it when traveling and end up having to use an unisex bathroom. Sometimes I think guys will deliberately miss the toilet. Not that some women aren't messy too, it's just that (some) men tend to be worse. A pet peeve of mine is when mothers will bring their toddler/younger boys into the women's bathrooms then not supervise or clean up after them. Wait a minute, this train definitely jumped the track on subject matter ;-).

Almost all alone today as far as runners/walkers on the bike trail today. Just met 1walker. Lots of cars 'cause I left out at about the same time between sunday school and regular church services. Only had a couple of car drivers that were determined not to share the road. Somebody had shot a turtle and put the shell/carcass on a post on the section of trail nearest my house. Why????? I'm hoping the turtle was already dead and they were just using (stupidly in my opinion) the shell for target practice but I doubt it. The hole was too clean and if it had been out for very long it would've been more jagged (I think).

Went and scrubbed out the inside of my truck after my run. I had a banana fall into the bottom of my seat organizer and rot there. Ewwww, ewwww, ewwww, don't think I will be eating any bananas for a little while after that. Anyway, cleaned the truck, shampooed the seat, and threw away the seat organizer so no more smell (I hope!).

James stopped at the health club after visiting his mom this morning. He said there were only 2 parking spots left and a waiting line for the treadmills. He ended up driving home to get a water bottle and is going to a flat section of the bike trail to get his run in. Hopefully it will go good, he doesn't do as well outside and also said that he had hurt one of his legs Friday.

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