15 February 2008

Taxes are done

Whew, just finished up our federal and state taxes. Glad that is over with!! Now I just need to go file all the paperwork that I have scattered in our office and living room. Last night I was totalling up the days from our log books and sorting through all the receipts while watching disc 4 of Jericho--enjoying the series very much. We ought to get a dvr so that we don't have to wait for the dvds to be released.

This week was more hectic than normal. Had the additional Cullman stop Monday morning--was given a difficult dock to back up to, not sure why they wouldn't let me have one of the easier docks (other than the fact they didn't like me coming in just to empty out, shipping clerks like to take their frustrations out on the drivers, esp. on Mondays). Then Tuesday was sent a message that Penske needed the parts asap so I ended up missing my scheduled run. The good news was that our dispatcher did let us come out with empty trailers so no waiting at Laredo this week. Bad news is that I came out of Pulaski with no racks again so will be back to waiting again the next few weeks.

James called our driver liasion today to find out if I could have a dog on the truck. A couple of the different divisions that run teams allow the husband-wife teams to have a pet but the policy is that the solos aren't allowed them. Probably will not be allowed to but cross your fingers that they will make an exception. The company's reasoning is that they have to allow the teams to have pets or they will quit, the teams are in high demand because of the amount of j.i.t. freight we run. There used to be an across the board pet policy but some dumbass had a miniature pony AND a goat with him on the truck a few years ago. WHY???????? Why would somebody do that? That is the nastiest thing I've ever heard + it's definitely animal cruelty.

Also was told that we've lost quite a few GM lanes because some other company is running it for next to nothing right now. All we can do is wait for GM to realize that their freight is not being delivered on time because the other company can't afford to run it for what they bid.

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