24 February 2008

Where's spring?

I am tired of overcast, gloomy, sucky days. Let's just skip over the rest of Feb. and March and go straight to April..................

Had kind of a frustrating morning, didn't sleep well the past couple of nights so woke up in a grumpy mood, James wasn't much better. I'd left my big truck at Little Rock over the weekend to have it serviced, get the batteries replaced, and fix the dead qualcomm. Well I get to the yard this morning and my qualcomm is still dead and 1 out of the 4 batteries were replaced. Turns out they had replaced the dome (I'd only been complaining about it not working properly for 7 months) but hadn't checked the wiring so the second new dome also shorted out because part of the wiring had gotten against the exhaust system and burned through the insulation. Truck voltage was also low and barely turned over because if you put 1 new battery with 3 worn out batteries it just destroys the new battery. They found 4 used batteries that weren't too bad so hopefully that will work until Tues. evening when I can go back thru to have everything replaced with new ones.

Oh yeah, my load has cancelled out for Monday so will not reload until Tues. At least dispatch had let me know ahead of time so I wouldn't have to spend a day in the truck with nothing to do for 24 hrs. It's just going to put everything kind of tight for getting back for the 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

On the happier side, I did get to eat at Jason's Deli for lunch and shop at Target for a bit.

Ran 6.25 miles this afternoon. Started out from my house and ran all but the last 2 sections of the bicycle trail that are south of Beebe-Capps. Timed it out so that I could meet James at his big truck when he was ready to leave that way I could drive the pick-up home for him and also wouldn't have to make an extra trip back. It took 3.5 miles before my legs loosened up today but once they did it was a great run. It's odd how you can absolutely not want to go out but after 1 (or 3) miles you're wondering WHY you didn't want to in the first place.

James' knee is still out of commission so he will be starting all over again once it heals up this time. Hoped it wouldn't take as long for him to bounce back this time but I think it's taking longer.

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