01 December 2013

Sunny skies, trails to explore, and some laughter

After a craptastic run on Sunday, the week mostly looked up running wise, had a few gorgeous days and two very gloomy ones. I think at some point we need to invest in some of the full spectrum bulbs for the gloomy doomy days to alleviate some of the moodiness.  Wednesday it was a warm enough day that it was comfortable wearing shorts on our run and I think I could have gotten away with short sleeves.  Tuesday and Thursday were the club runs in the evening and it's nice having others around that are pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Would love to be up to the condition that I was in this time last year (hello 21:50 5k PR!!!) but it's going to take far more work than what I'm putting in at the moment. I think I'm stuck in the 24-25 minute range again.

Elsie the Miniature Schnauzer Menace kept stopping to roll in the leaves so I finally decided to take pics. All the ones with her were blurry though 

You can't make them out in this shot but in the distance there is a wind turbine and water tower that I run by on one of my other routes

Love this shot. Hard to believe that on the other side of me was a busy motorway

Yesterday's run was an attempt to follow a route that I had mapped out the week before where I'd missed a turnoff and ended up doing 2 extra miles. I made the correct turn this time (right after the second field!!) and only had a bit of confusion in a different spot, figured it out much quicker this time, lol.  Maybe I will learn to read an OS map eventually.  

I occasionally do non-running related activities..........this week it was going to see Al Murray aka The Pub Landlord live in an opera house.  Quite entertaining and thankfully we had nosebleed seats so the American (me!) in the audience didn't get singled out. Beautiful venue as well but at the end of the show everyone got shuffled out the doors and you had to wait in line outside in the cold to go back inside if you wanted to purchase a signed copy of his book, very frustrating.  

Our view of the stage pre-show

Beautiful but my phone wasn't cooperating with taking nice photos that night

The Pub Landlord in action

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