02 December 2013

It does what???

I'm sure most of you have read about the beetroot juice benefits of boosting performance, lowering blood pressure, and a myriad of other health-related good for you type stuff.  Better blogs than mine have listed links, explained the science jargon, and extolled (or not, depending on their viewpoint) the wonders of what some are starting to refer to as a superfood.

Sorry, but you are not going to get all that here, that's what google is for, lol.  Unfortunately I can't take the chance of drinking as much as what is recommended because of the blood pressure lowering benefits, something I find that I have to watch after an incident last year with drinking hibiscus tea because my bp tends to run low anyway.  What I do enjoy is the True Blood-esque experience of drinking the beetroot juice out of a wine glass.  That alone is worth buying it for (yes, I'm a geek at times).  Well that and the joys of finding out it turns everything that comes OUT of your body a very lovely shade of rose pink.  Hmmm, that just adds to the vampire illusion--or it would if vampires had to deal with biological functions.  Yep, it turns your urine pink, I'm not sure what would happen if you combined it with the fluorescent yellow properties of B complex vitamins.

What's in my fridge

This is not a sponsored post by the way, the BEET IT juice is just the kind I happened to try, liked it, then bought some more.  Would love to try out the ginger infused flavor at some point but haven't spotted it on the shelf yet. Oh, and I shop at Tesco most of the time (AND I like it!).  By the way, before anyone points out the coconut milk is extremely out of date, the UK style of writing dates is day/month/year as opposed to the US way of month/day/year, something my partner tried to point out at a local Kroger back in Arkansas over the summer when he noticed some British food products being sold past their expiration--or expiry if we are going all English here ;-)  

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