29 December 2013


Feeling a bit better but had a little trouble breathing while out running with the Miniature Schnauzer Menace this morning, still can't smell much of anything though--well except for the fertilizer piles at the farm we run by on a regular basis but that stink is so potent it will nearly knock you over.  Icy spots on the roads today as well, made it a bit interesting getting up the big hill so on the way back I decided to cut through a public footpath that I hadn't used yet......not sure it was much better because it cut through a well churned up cow pasture and I sank down to my ankles more than once and had rooster tail trails of mud up the back of my calves.  

We passed a group of horse riders twice and the first time I had to pick up Elsie and carry her past because she just wasn't going to run by them. I couldn't figure out what the problem was until we met up with them again and realized one of the horses had shoes that had sort of an echo "boom" when it clattered on the road.  Apparently it sounded like thunder to Elsie and spooked her.  

Anyway, nothing special about today's run other than I got out to do it even though I kind of wanted to stay in bed. I'm just writing about it because I'm a little bored and thought I would share some of that with everyone else ;-).  The pic below is from a run back in Arkansas last December, imagine mud instead of snow and you get an idea of what my shoes look like today. 

December 26, 2012

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