04 December 2013

Rambling around

Whew, I am knackered.  Last night was the running club's handicap 5k (not quite a 5k per my garmin but close enough) and I managed to pull a 23:21 out of somewhere.  Don't ask me where it came from because my last two 5ks back in the summer were 25 and 26ish each, the spring races were in the 23 minute range but that has been a while back and speed training has only recently restarted.  Gives me hope that last December's pb of 21:50 is achievable again.

Top that off with heading out mid-morning today with Elsie for a ramble through the area with a local walking group and my legs are ACHING.  We put down approximately 9 miles in just over four hours--there was a pub stop, hence the longer time.  Most of the route I'd already explored while running but it was a welcome change getting to traverse it with people who knew the history of the area.  Elsie was a huge hit, she was loving all the extra attention and at the end when the group was continuing on she kept pulling on her lead to go back to them when I cut off to take a shortcut back home.  Kind of fun being one of the two youngest in a group as well, lol.

Elsie leading on the Monk's Way stones

If only these walls could talk

Parts of this church is from the 13th century according to a web search, but most is from late 14th century

Love the doggies and horses welcome sign

Great view across the valley but marred by the telephone line

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