18 December 2013

Monday-Wednesday catchup

Friday's knee issue led to me taking two days off and I managed to catch a little something as well (sneezing, sore throat, achy joints, etc) so the weekend was pretty much a wash as far as getting anything productive done. Monday night was a short easy run with both the mutts to test out a Christmas present from my partner, the Silva Trail Runner II headlamp. There will be a more comprehensive review as soon as I get a chance to try it out properly.

Last night's workout with the club has been dubbed the Speedy Lampposts run by one of the other members and it can be a killer.  There's a pacer that maintains a 9 minute per mile pace and everyone else turns around and goes back 1, 1.5, or 2 lampposts then tries to catch back up to the "rabbit". Once you've caught back up, you catch your breath then do it all over again, it's much harder than it sounds but like everything it's all dependent on how much effort you put into it.  The difficulty is also increased by what is at first a slight incline that just keeps going and going.  After that part is done there is a much more laid back run up a steep hill then we run full out going down the other side of the hill.  Very good at simulating a race situation in that it forces you to keep pushing hard to catch up.  Good stuff, I love having the opportunity again to train with people who are faster and better than I am.

Speedy lampposts details

Today the conditions were less than ideal due to the 20 plus mph winds so Elsie and I headed out after lunch for a no-pressure trail run.  We both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and since there wasn't anyone else out at that time, she got some off-leash running time. I'm kind of wishing I'd chosen a less hilly route though, my legs are still trashed from last night.  

Look ma, no leash! 

Fungi. Anyone know what type of mushrooms these are?

I think I should have worn my trail shoes. And turned the flash off.
Photo of Ben so he doesn't feel left out :-)

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